The Psychic Path To Full Realization

This 3 minute video describes the path that I took which gave me the many psychic and self awareness gifts that I use every day.

  1. Easily start using your natural Psychic Abilities
  2. Guidance System for all matters personal and business
  3. Going Beyond The Psychic, Mental, and Emotional
  4. Using Your Psychic Abilities To Detect Truth
  5. Grand Prix Manifesting Technique
  6. Psychic Skills Development
  7. Going Beyond Thought with Multi Dimensional Awareness
  8. Technique To Master Thoughts and Feelings
  9. Quieting A Baby
  10. Shortcut to Clearing Emotions
  11. Dealing With Others, Resentment and More
  12. Self Realization, Clearing and Manifesting From The Past
  13. Light Switch Technique For Throat, Anxiety, Resentment and More
  14. Group Clearing For Challenging Goals
  15. Troubleshooting Psychic Abilities
  16. Doing a Reading Using The Square of 9
  17. Kablan’s Secret Way Of Using The Pendulum
  18. Explaining How To Command Broken Things To Work
  19. Clear the Energies of Situations, Relationships, and In Your Self
  20. Clearing A Cold Coming On
  21. Important Upon Waking for Self Realization
  22. Open Your Own Chakras, Fast
  23. Clearing Cold and Flu Like Symptoms
  24. Becoming More Aware of Negative Voices
  25. Locating and Clearing Destructively Numb Feelings
  26. Clearing Throat Area, Anxiety and Nervousness
  27. Guilt Issues, Being Upset With Others, Diffusing Family Issues
  28. Clearing Sore Throats and Surrounding Issues, Combined With Belief Busting (Yes/No Techniques)
  29. Multi Dimensional Awareness/ The Magic Of The Inconceivable Level
  30. Group Clearing and Energy Watching
  31. Silent Teaching, Clearing and Energy Work
  32. Mediumship vs. Clairvoyance, The Spinal System in Psychic Development
  33. Energy Technique and Clearing For Clairvoyance
  34. Energy Clearing For Psychic Development
  35. Group Clearing, Computer Problems and More
  36. Energy Techniques For Clearing and Clairvoyance
  37. What It Means To Be Psychic, and What It Is
  38. Energy Clearing including Chakra Clearing
  39. Things That Prevent Manifesting and Psychic Energy Manifesting and What To Do About It
  40. Eliminating Limiting Negative Beliefs For Manifesting
  41. Psychic Weight Loss (I lost 70 pounds easily)
  42. The Meaning That You Give The Event Is Actually The Energy That Created It
  43. System For Manifesting By Finding Hidden Blocks
  44. Manifesting In Reverse. 25:20
  45. 4 Steps To Finding Hidden Suffering and Mechanical Behavior- And Quieting The Mind
  46. Manifesting Without Creating Karma
  47. Clearing By Witnessing
  48. Being The Witness
  49. Quick Energy Tune Ups
  50. Weight Loss Clearing, Jealousy Issues
  51. Clearing The Energy of Losing
  52. Busting Hidden Agendas
  53. Boosting Your Power… Co-Workers
  54. Commanding Reality To Change and Rapid Releasing (High Magic)
  55. Belief Busting: Eliminating Limiting Beliefs For Manifesting
  56. Using The Tree Of Life and Other Chakras To See What Waves Mean
  57. Developing Kinesthetic ESP
  58. Clearing for Manifesting Winning At Work
  59. Weight Loss, Jealousy, Energy of Losing
  60. Clearing Anxiety and Nervousness
  61. Clearing Uncertainty And Energy Watching
  62. Building Multi Dimensional Awareness
  63. Making The Subconscious Conscious
  64. Clearing Subconscious Counter Intentions
  65. Instant Manifestation and increasing Good Luck Through Clearing The Subconscious
  66. Becoming Aware Of and Facing Feelings For Clearing and Clarity
  67. The Foundation Of Psychic Development (Simplest Explanation)
  68. Bad Feelings Actually Do Not Exist, You’ve Never Had One, It’s Impossible, Here’s Why
  69. Serendipity
  70. Breakthrough Way of Releasing
  71. Silent Teaching, Clearing and Energy Work
  72. Adding Crescendo To The Commanding Technique
  73. Disassociation, Real Self, False Self
  74. The Couch Technique
  75. Silent Teaching and Energy Work
  76. Psychic Belief Busting
  77. Rid yourself of limiting beliefs. Use psychic energy and awareness to speed the process of becoming unlimited.
  78. Belief Busting: Eliminating Limiting Beliefs For Manifesting
  79. Belief Busting, How To Know Its Working
  80. Belief Busting With “So What” And “Why”
  81. Real Happiness vs. False Happiness
  82. Seeking Approval, Losing Control and Regaining It
  83. The So What Technique, In Depth Instruction
  84. Clearing Blocks To Manifesting
  85. Group Entity Clearing And Understanding
  86. Mantic Trans/ Astral Body 2nd Way
  87. New Way To Get Psychic Power For Seeing, Hearing, Influencing
  88. Seeing Waves In Different Areas Including 3rd Eye
  89. Multi Dimensional Awareness and Manifesting Breakthroughs
  90. Getting Rid Of Unneeded Thoughts, Beingness and More
  91. Achieving The Most Happiness
  92. Clearing Sore Throats and Surrounding Issues, Combined With Belief Busting
  93. Avoiding Karma and Healing with Cosmic Energy Loops
  94. Group Clearing, Out of Sorts Energy, Work Conflicts, Belief Busting
  95. Multi Dimensional Clearing and The Couch Technique
  96. Astral Body Integration
  97. Astral Body, Third Eye, Chakras, Subtle Energies, And Related.
  98. Clearing For Goals, Online Marketing, School, Work, Home, More
  99. Manifesting and Broadcasting with Negative Absorption and Mantic Trans
  100. Manifesting Results
  101. High Energy Manifesting with Mantic Trans, Negative Absorption, Synapse Nerve Gap Power Multiplier
  102. Opening Your Own Chakras
  103. Transcending Suffering Feelings
  104. High Energy For Manifesting Through Temporary Non-Engagement
  105. Seeing Energy Dissolving Problems Through Understanding It
  106. Continuing with Rocket Ship Negative Absorption Technique
  107. Group Clearing and Seeing The Energy In The Numbers of The Day
  108. Negative Absorption Nerve Gap Multiplier
  109. Why Psychic Energy, Clearing, and Manifestation Work
  110. Transcending Karma and Karmic Chunks Materializing
  111. Controlling The Astral Body
  112. Putting It In Order For Real Life Situations
  113. A Paradigm For All People Problems
  114. Clearing and Manifesting Winning At Work
  115. Energy Clearing including Chakra Clearing
  116. Multi Dimensional Clearing
  117. Cellular Multi Dimensional Tree of Life Clearing and Strengthening
  118. Getting Negativity To Run Away From You
  119. Clearing Difficult Stuff
  120. Dreams, Life and More
  121. Group Clearing/ Letting Joyful Reality Expand
  122. Energy Techniques Used During Previous Silent Teaching
  123. Clearing and Manifesting With Multiple Wave Perspective Awareness
  124. Rapid Speed Multiple Wave Awareness Manifesting
  125. Reference To Incorporating Higher Self/Kundalini/Huna Type of Loop
  126. Training Dowsing Rods

Ane more! For some, this may be the first, last and only program of it’s kind that you will ever need for life enhancement. And for others, it will augment your personal library with techniques and methods that you will never find anyplace else.  It’s complete, accurate, clear and very effective.