Here are the top 10 hardest things I find in doing Psychic Clearings and Psychic Readings. If you want want the more positive side, read the Top 10 Things I Love about doing Psychic Work.

  1. Getting people who don’t know me to understand that I am different than most other psychics and psychic energy workers, BEFORE we work together.
  2. Describing what I do in a 15 second sound byte.
  3. Group Think of ignorant groups.
  4. TV distorting perceptions about what the Psychic and Supernatural really are.
  5. People who ask many psychics and want a 7th, 8th, or 9th opinion. By the time you want that many opinions your obsessive energy is going to be getting in the way of good predictions coming true.
  6. People who think they are now psychic but are only listening to “their own thoughts” (they haven’t followed the instructions in my book!)
  7. People wanting to “Be Me”. Rest assured, the feeling is not mutual… Be Yourself!
  8. Messaging abuse. If your question is important, don’t trust a text. Video chat or phone with someone you trust. And psychics, if you give people answers in messages so easily, they often won’t value it, won’t get anything from it, and will ask 10 more messaging psychics if they think you are right.
  9. Psychics who don’t realize how important their job is to people that they do it for.
  10. People wanting to be good friends just so they can get free Psychic Readings and Clearings. 

Well there you go. Now let’s get positive and into the light as we are about it and see….